Cindy Egger - musician | singer | teacher  

Heart Strings

Solo acoustic guitar influenced by folk, classical, blues
and new age idioms.

  1. Anticipation
  2. Missing You
  3. Winfieldin'
  4. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon, arr. Cindy Egger
  5. Chester's Rag
  6. Lullaby I
  7. Lullaby II
  8. DeVan's Da Man
  9. Song For Alex
  10. Heartstrings
  11. A Slice of Americana
  12. The Water is Wide - trad., arr. Cindy Egger
  13. Coda

All songs written by Cindy Egger except as noted. ©2009

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Heart Strings CD - Cindy Egger

Alex Niedt - Audio Work
Doug Coonrod - Graphics
Doug Hamer - Promo Pics

Cindy plays both a Brune and
a Ken Hill guitar on this CD.



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