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Praise for "Heart Strings"

musical noteDear Cindy,

A much overdue thank you for your awesome solo CD - it has been in my car and I have played it often in the past several months.

My favorite tracks are Chester's Rag (would be great in a flute and guitar version), Song for Alex (love the opening and closing harmonics sections) and The Water is Wide (love the harmonic manipulation).

The entire CD is beautifully played with such clarity, precision and control of dynamics, tone color and phrasing.  I especially like the way you "orchestrate" on the guitar doing a great job of creating layers of melody and accompaniment. 

Wow - great playing and great composing - what more could you want.  Hope lots of folks are enjoying it!  I am proud to have had the opportunity to be your teacher at Coe and very proud of all you are doing professionally and personally.
– John Dowdall, Cindy's former guitar teacher at Coe College and guitarist in Red Cedar Music

musical noteCindy Egger's cd "Heart Strings" is the best classical guitar album I have heard in years! Cindy displays the highest level of virtuosity while maintaining a musical sensitivity that keeps the listener intrigued, entertained, and satisfied with the content of each piece. Her compositions are wonderfully melodic and develop beautifully without being self indulgent. The listener does not have to be a fan of the guitar as much as a lover of music to fully enjoy this collection of repertoire. Any music collection is lacking without this recording!
– John Svoboda, Guitar Department Head - Music/Arts Institute

musical note"Cindy, Your CD is great! I am very impressed that you wrote almost all of those songs. It is a very enjoyable CD to listen to. I especially like Winfieldin' and Chester's Rag. Great picture of you too. Super job!"
– Kim W.

musical note"Dear Cindy: I've just been listening to your CD again. Beautifully done and it is music to soothe the soul.
Thanks so much. I have appreciated our times together over the years."
– Esther

musical note"Cindy, Finally got around to listening to your CD - I keep forgetting I have a CD player in my car now! Anyway, I love it - have always liked Anticipation since first I heard it, but the others are just as good. I have to admit, I can picture Chester jumping around when I hear his Rag- it makes me smile! Congrats on a great job - high quality stuff!"
– Riva C.

musical note"I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying your beautiful new cd. I love it and all the songs are just beautiful. I especially love the last song on the cd where you sing. It was very touching and you do it so beautifully. Is this an original? You are so talented."
– Ruthie A.


Cheers for Cindy's Performances

musical noteCindy, Just wanted to say thanks for making Aimee's wedding so great!  You and Mark were excellent and I enjoyed working with you.  You are a very talented guitarist and very helpful.  Thanks again.
– Kathi B

musical noteMasterful Concert by Cindy Egger
It is easy to reconcile the introduction of Cindy Egger as “Kansas City’s First Lady of the Guitar” with the brilliant quality of her performance at Oppenstein Brothers Park in downtown Kansas City June 24th, on behalf of the Kansas City Classical Guitar Society.

Similarly, it says something about the skill and commitment of this great artist that she played despite a heat-index of 107 degrees.

The audience consisted of guitar players, visitors in town for conventions and just general folks. No matter who they were, the audience listened intently as Cindy played a range of music from modern to Spanish and beyond.

Cindy is a seasoned professional, who has been brilliantly trained by Master Doug Niedt, and she knew how to bring out the music in everything she played and she did it with all the warmth of tone and directness of emotion that is winning her fans far beyond Kansas City.

I have played classical guitar all my life and during some of the more complex passages I caught myself thinking “how does she do that?”

The Nevicata by Benvenuto Terzi was played with particularly clear articulation of the different voices in the work, including trills and harmonics at the same time.

As the evening continued, Cindy played waltzes, rags, and fingerpicking toe-tappers, all with passion and style. A “Lagrima” by Lee Ritenour was one of my favorites, as was a spicy “Zapateado” by the great Spanish guitarist Regino Sainz de la Maza.

A standing ovation preceded the encore, which was a “Zapateado” by Mexican composer Ramon Noble.
– Dale R. Larsen, Education Director, St. Louis Classical Guitar Society

musical note"Thank you so much for playing during our ceremony! Although I wanted traditional songs such as Cannon in D as I walked down the aisle, I wanted to add a bit of a flare to spice it up. Having an acoustic guitar was the perfect find! Also, you complimented my cousin's voice extremely well in Ave Maria and the Lord's Prayer, in addition to learning my mom's original score. I got many, many compliments on the music and how great it sounded in the Library. I will definitely recommend you to my friends; thank you again!"
– Brie K.

musical note"Hey, Cindy! You were AWESOME at the Guitar In the Park performance. Thank you!"
– John Rimmer, classical guitar teacher and member of the Allegro Guitar Society of Dallas, in reference to Cindy's solo guitar concert for the Kansas City Guitar Society on July 25, 2010

musical note"[I] enjoyed your concert at the church...what a fun and enjoyable evening. Thanks for letting me know about your performance I'm so happy I could be there."
– Ruthie A.

musical note"Our first Guitars in the Park last month was a great success. Everyone loved Cynthia Egger's wonderful guitar playing and the new location."
– From the Kansas City Guitar Society monthy E-mail about the July 26, 2009 7:00 pm performance by Cynthia Egger (solo guitar).


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